My name is Abe Hideyuki.

This company is founded for spreading messages of music in the frequency
of 528Hz by ACOON HIBINO not only in Japan, but also to the whole world.

We make our own 528Hz music from original songs to Japan and worlds ' classics that covered in 528Hz.

We hope that Japan’s classics in 528Hz will spread all over the world.

The idea of our company name OTOBOTOKE comes from ancient Japanese belief that
appreciates Buddha and the heart of believing. (HOTOKE means Buddha in Japanese)

However, it doesn’t encourage us to rely on languages but to realize it in our own heart
that supposed to create harmony with nature by itself through the healing effect of sound in 528Hz.
That is why it’s named as OTO (sound/music) BOTOKE (Buddha/ heart of believing).

It is said that the world of languages/words start from the sound of "ah" and ends at itself.
Originally, languages and words are sound, which is part of music.

Among all the sound, 528 Hz is specially incorporated in our music,
to make people feel the love towards nature beyond the barrier of languages
and to tell the world the beauty of Japanese heart which is disappearing nowadays.

We, OTOBOTOKE and ACOON HIBINO’s 528Hz, look forward to see you somewhere soon.

CEO Abe Hideyuki


Producing music in 528 Hz by ACOON HIBINO, which won the prize of Japan Record Award.

Remaking and covering classics and old day hit songs by 528 Hz

Facilitating collaboration with other famous musicians.

Collaborating research with famous doctors about 528Hz functional music,
including the influence to the autonomic nervous, breathing, mindfulness,
stress care, mental care for athlete, and etc.

Advertising and researching about music in 528Hz, through the collaboration with renowned doctors and researchers.

ACOON HIBINO’s original songs

ACOON HIBINO composes and produces music in 528Hz to express Japanese traditional culture, seasons, changing sceneries and time.
Planing to translate Japanese traditions, celebration, rituals into 528Hz music and to share it with the rest of the world.

Other than that, there will be collaborations with videos and event of promoting the effect of 528Hz to human bodies.



Hibino has started incorporating 528 Hz, which is recently called “frequency of love”, into his performance and released his major debut album 『comfort your mind and body~frequency of love 528Hz~』from Teichiku Entertainment in Jan, 2015.

In July 2015, the second full album 『Prescription of melody--Balancing the autonomic nerves~frequency of love 528Hz~』was released.
It recorded a great hit, despite the fact that CD doesn’t sell in the recent music industry.

Hibino is Japan’s one and only composer and pianist who creates 「functional music」

He composes 528 Hz based on both music theory and medical view point. His approach is greatly acclaimed and awarded with Japan Record Award.

He was born in Shiga prefecture.
At the year of
1981 Hibino started playing piano and composing when he was a student at Kansai Gakuin Univerisity.
2009 The first solo album 『Souvenir』was released.
2012 Invited to perform at the event of promoting friendly Sino-Japan relation organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, in the largest concert hall at Hong Kong.
2013 Started incorporating 528 Hz which has a soothing effect in his performance.
2014 Released the album『ZEN PIANO -Master528』.Performed in the Jazz Festival held in Portland, USA.
2015/Jan. Released his major debut album 『comfort your mind and body~frequency of love 528Hz~』from Teichiku Entertainment
2015/July 『Prescription of melody--Balancing the autonomic nerves〜frequency of love 528Hz〜』
2015/Sept.『MIZUTAMAHIME Feat.Miki Ako』
2015/Dec.『PEACE~frequency of love 528Hz~』
2016/jan『Lead into sleep--Prescription of melody~frequency of love 528Hz~』
2016/Apr. Produced album exclusively for dogs 『Dog’s Peace~frequency of love 528Hz~』with clinical trial.
2016/Jul. The 12th song 「FUTUREs」in the album『Balance the Mind and the BodyⅡ~frequency of love 528Hz~』is selected as the theme song for Beppu Onsen( the famous hot spring spot in Japan).
2016/Aug. Produced the world’s first 528Hz「Primotone」 music box『Goodnight, Baby』

2016/Sept. Founded exclusive record lable company, OTOBOTOKE, INC.


We wish our 『functional music』 will reach out to more people and artists all around the world.


528Hz musician, singer or people who may want to collaborate with ACOON HIBINO,
please feel free to contact us.



We are now looking for coworkers/supporters to make 528Hz worldwide.
Feel free to contact us.



Official website is released.


Company Name OTOBOTOKe, INC.
Company Address Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg 26F, 2-6-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-5324-0814
CEO Hideyuki Abe
Board Members ACOON HIBINO
Suetake Nobuhiro
Ken Sakurada
Business 528hz artist ACOON HIBINO exclusive management & exclusive label
528hz music production・sales・event holding, etc
Pursuing the possibility of 528Hz music
Research of 528Hz and medical care
Establishment of 528Hz worldwide


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